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NEWS section updated November 4, 2007: Find Me on iTunes, and the online radio special.

Itís me - Happy Rhodes.

Find Me is finally finished. The fact that it's taken this long, had to do with some decisions to refine certain songs/parts/mixes and even mastering, but also because I hadn't gotten to the artwork in a timely fashion. I think in retrospect, that I should've titled the CD, Find Me I Hope With My Cheese Still On My Cracker.

My artwork dilemma was that my original concept changed (it happens) and I'm in a different area now that, being the country, I haven't networked enough around here, to find talented photographers. I'm sure they're here but you don't exactly go to the local store with questions like that. So I let it get down to the wire. Finally, because we wanted to have the CDs ready for sale for the show in Cambridge in September, I had to suck it up and come up with a concept quick. I decided that since I didn't have anyone to photograph me, I'd have to take my own shots and then just do a self-portrait. I sat down on my bedroom floor, propped up two mirrors and banged out this picture in about 20 minutes. Then I went through whatever old monster sketches I had, which didnt have lines or other flaws on them and scanned them. I started working all of these images into the portrait. Then, I had to come up with ideas for the inside pages. More on that later.

For now, just know that I'm so happy with the outcome of this CD. I'm glad we made the changes we made and I'm honored to have had these talented musicians participate.

I hope you like the CD. This material is close to my heart....

Love to you all. Happy


Incidentally, this IS the website for Happy Rhodes. You CAN actually learn about her, buy her CD's, see pics, and write to her from this site. Joy.

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