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Nevermore my love, will rain bring wishes like it used to do
But evermore my love is a victory to me because of you
Nevermore my love, will I hear haunting themes that clamor at my spine
Oh but evermore my love, there'll be a wealth of harmonies to be defined

Nevermore my love, will there be time for meetings, thoughts and notes exchanged
Oh but evermore my love, will be a river of remembrance and grace

    No goodbye today
    No goodbye any day

Never since have I heard anyone drive the chorus to the heavens' sun
And only in the laser beam will he cry "My Fairy King"

Nevermore my love, will the sun be quite as brilliant in the trees
Oh but evermore my love, you'll come alive when we go to the Seven Seas
Nevermore my love, will I gaze upon the stars in the same way
Oh but evermore my love, is stronger than my will and longer than the day -
gone away

©1996 by Happy Rhodes
All rights reserved
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See Left Hand Demo credits for additional info

As stated on the Left Hand Demos page, this song is about Freddie Mercury's passing. Happy references the Queen songs "Seven Seas of Rhye" from the album Queen II, "My Fairy King" from the album Queen and "Killer Queen" from Sheer Heart Attack. Thank you to Lomedae for the help.

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