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Happy Rhodes
Left Hand Demos

About the Left Hand Demos

In 2001, Happy badly cut her fret hand before an EctoFest concert in the San Francisco area. She later had to have surgery and we were all biting our fingernails about whether or not she’d be able to play guitar again. Happy is, let’s face it, an obscure, unknown artist with a teeny tiny little following. She has a day job and no heath insurance. When word got around that maybe Happy could use some help (it did NOT come from her either), people on the mailing list Ecto pitched in and sent her donations to help pay the medical bills. Happy is loath to take charity (unless it came from Bill Gates, are you reading cherie?), so as a thanks, she put together 7 unreleased (never to be released) songs and called the compilation the “Left Hand Demos.” A fan from Ecto burned CDs and sent them out to anyone who wanted one, no donation was necessary, but encouraged (by fellow Ectophiles, not Happy). The project has long since been abandoned, so no more CDs are being made. Ever. At all.

Here are the “liner notes” as they appeared in the wonderful homemade booklet. Happy's comments are in bold. All other comments are from Phil Hudson, the fan who burned the CDRs:

The Left-Hand Demos:

This CD is an “un-mastered” CD, burned on a home computer system. The original source material was taken from DATs and very old cassettes. The sound quality will not be optimal, yet not the worst you’ve ever heard. It’s a glimpse of music that should be revealing as demos. I hope you find them interesting or at least amusing. If you‘d like to read the lyrics, you can find them on the website www.auntiesocialmusic.com

Much thanks

Happy Rhodes

If you’d like to send a donation in return for the music, here’s the address (please make donations in Happy’s name):

Address no longer applicable

You are welcome to the music regardless. If you want to help but cannot afford to help monetarily, pass something of Happy’s on to someone else who might like it (...). Spread the word. Any support is welcome and appreciated.


01. Nevermore
“Nevermore” copyright 1996 by Happy Rhodes

This is about the passing of Freddie Murcury. I’m sure there are many songs on this topic. I know of at least one and it’s much better than mine. I never considered this one for release.

02. Don't Dream It's Over (live) (Crowded House cover)
“Don’t Dream It’s Over” copyright 1986 by N. Finn

A 1997 live recording from the Tinker Street Café in Woodstock, NY (that café has since closed down). Credits: Kevin Bartlett on Guitar/loops, Happy Rhodes on Lead Vocals/guitar, Kelly Bird on Backing Vocals, Carl Adami on Bass

03. Virus
“Virus” copyright 2000 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

This is my “artist GOOD – music label BAD” song. I hope to never have another. Thanks to some very sound advice, this one is NOT a consideration for future release.

04. Miss You
“Miss You” copyright 1987 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

Now You know why they call these “demos.” Glad I never released this one, but it had a specific purpose in the moment.

05. Now You Know Me
“Now You Know Me” copyright 2001 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

I seriously tried to re-work this one for the upcoming release (this is the first draft). However, it just didn’t work.

06. Flash Me Up (live)
“Flash Me Up” copyright 1994 by H. Rhodes

Another live version from the same night at the Tinker Street Café in 1997.

07. Rest In Pieces
“Rest in Pieces” copyright 1986 by H. Rhodes

Unfortunately, the sentiment was stronger than the composition. I was shooting for something, but never got there.

Selections and CD “un-mastering” by Happy Rhodes
Performances Copyright H. Rhodes / Auntie Social Music
Cover Design by J’te and Dudley, F&B cover photos by J’te.
HR live photo by Charles Gray
Wheatfields photo copyright Steven Alexander / Karen Graham
CD producton and distribution by Crew Ecto: Phil Hudson, Jeff Wasilko, Vickie Mapes.

Note: Happy says "Flash Me Up" and "Don't Dream It's Over" were recorded at a Tinker Street Cafe show in 1997.
The show at the Tinker Street Cafe in Woodstock, NY was on July 7, 1996. Sorry Hap.

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