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You are the one disease that could change my destiny
A single airborne virus took out my colony
Everything that you said affects me deeply, compromises my immunities and
Where did you get off being the voice - to spread your plague to me
Now I am sick with a heart full of empty

My kingdom for the serum, an antidote to you
Your arrogance infected my unprotected muse
When you opened your mouth, you made a change in me
You shit, you questioned my abilities and all for your defense
to make you feel big
I never thought I'd be so suseptible to injury

If information is God, then I lost my faith today
The truth has worn my confidence away and
now for the first time I'm wishing you ill - the way you did on me
if only the anger would make me feel better

You are a deadly thing and I'd like to see you bleed
You operate in trenches, you network in the weeds
I admit that I'm beat, didn't know you'd be direct
Your precision struck calamity and
left me paralyzed - I can't do what I do
You seemed innocent
But now I am Samson - you cut all of my hair

You are the one disease that could make my fear come true
You only needed three words to push the illness through
If I recover someday, I know what I must do
You stain the floor you walk on, I ought to punish you

If I recover someday, I know what I must do
You stain the floor you walk, I ought to punish you

©2000 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music
All rights reserved
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See Left Hand Demo credits for additional info

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