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This is a fan page, but Happy knows about it and though she would probably rather not have some of these things heard, gives it her cringing blessing.

A lot of what's here is for the Happy Rhodes completist. If you're new to Happy, unless you're here to specifically check out one of the cover versions or collaborations, you'd probably be better off at the Song Samples page.

Hey, if you have a rare track/interview that's not here, I probably don't have it. PLEASE oh PLEASE write me at xenussister@TAKETHISOUTTOMAILyahoo.com (make note and change the address) and tell me about it. I'm also looking for ANY live recordings pre-1992. Anything, even partial concerts. I have nothing live from the pre-Warpaint, "1st4" or Bartlett/Rhodes era.



HAPPY VIDEOS (live clips)

Here are various ways to access Happy's live clips. She's never made an actual video so these are as close as you'll get.

NOTE: There are now so many live clips of Happy on YouTube and MySpace that these lists are hopelessly out of date. One of these days I might get around to updating them, but these are good starting points.

1. YouTube Embedded
This page has all of Happy's YouTube live clips embedded on the page. It might take a while to load up.

2. YouTube List
This page is just a list of the videos on YouTube, with direct links. Very quick load.

3. Google Videos Embedded
The clips on Google Video are SUBTITLED in English with Happy's lyrics and talking. This page has all the Subtitled videos (the ones that have been done so far) embedded on the page. It might take a while to load up. There aren't all that many yet (more are coming in the future), so I haven't made a page of just the list of titles.

NOTE: Since Google and YouTube merged, this Google list is redundant, because YouTube now allows subtitles, and a majority of the YouTube Happy clips are subtitled. The ones that aren't are generally not subtitled because I haven't transcribed her talking before and/or after the songs. Volunteers welcome. :)



When Happy was still involved with Aural Gratification, she contributed 6 tracks to 2 instrumental CDs, Aural Gratification I and Aural Gratification II. They’re both worth getting even without Happy. They’re out of print, but you might still find them around. Or you could try contacting Kevin Bartlett at Aural Gratification. (AURALG@aol.com) and see if he has any extras. They really are wonderful, with music by Kevin, David Torn, Bokeno, Jamie Edwards, Quiet City and, of course, Happy.

Happy Rhodes - Aural Gratification Volume 1 - Myrr (the Smoking Car) (Trance Instrumental)

Happy Rhodes - Aural Gratification Volume 1 - Ra Is A Busy God (Trance Instrumental) (she later added lyrics and recorded the song for Many Worlds Are Born Tonight)

Happy Rhodes – Aural Gratification Volume1 – Die Atmosphäre In Der Stadt (Trance Instrumental)

Happy Rhodes - Aural Gratification Volume 2 - Hex On IV (Trance Instrumental)

Happy Rhodes - Aural Gratification Volume 2 - Like Kryptonite To Superman (Trance Instrumental)

Happy Rhodes - Aural Gratification Volume 2 - Skimming The Hovergear (Trance Instrumental)


GLORY (radio edit)

This appeared on a radio-only promo (not that anyone ever played it). This is often the first song I play for people who've never heard Happy.

Happy Rhodes - Glory (radio mix)


DEAD ON THE VINE (non-album track)

Happy’s never released this track or even mentioned it publically. She told me that she wrote the music to a poem that her mother gave her, so none of the lyrics are hers. Someone I didn’t know and never saw again had it on Napster, and Happy hasn't a clue as to who it might have been or how he happened to have it. God I miss Napster.

It appears here with her blessing.

Happy Rhodes - Dead On the Vine (c.1985 - UNRELEASED)


HOW IT SHOULD BE (non-album track, sort of)

"How It Should Be" only appeared on German editions of the album Many Worlds Are Born Tonight, and why they got it and we didn't, I'll never know. It doesn't really fit with the rest of the album, but it would have been nice to have it on a CD single or something. That was Samson's decision, Happy had nothing to do with it, so I'm not pissed off at her. (It's specifically marked "studio" because she did perform the song live a few times.)

Happy Rhodes - How It Should Be (rare STUDIO version)



This radio version of “Roy” only appeared on a promo-only CD single sent out to radio stations. It's Happy's own remix.

Happy Rhodes - Roy (Back From The Offworld) (Radio mix - shorter, different, very cool, methinks)



Please keep in mind that nearly everything live I post come from audience recordings. She’s never released anything live "officially" (officially being the keyword. The Left-Hand Demos sound better than anything I could come up with, but that wasn't an offical release):

Many videos of live clips can be found on the Video page.

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - May 9, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes live - Lay Me Down
Happy Rhodes live - Jork (this is an early version of what turned out to be the song Many Worlds Are Born Tonight)

Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA - July 24, 1999 1st show
Happy Rhodes live – Pride (she rarely does this live)

Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA - January 29, 2005 1st show
Happy Rhodes live – Fall (nice version of Find Me song) (VIDEO of 2nd show version)

Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA - October 12, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes live – Tragic (she rarely does this live)

Tin Angel – Philadelphia, PA - January 29, 2005 1st show
Happy Rhodes live – The Chariot (not the greatest recording or version, but listen on after the song for a gut-wrenching explanation of what the song is about). Here is a VIDEO of that performance.

Middle East Club – Philadelphia, PA - January 5, 1995
Happy Rhodes live – Dying (I don't think Happy likes this one much, but it's Rare. She never does this song live. Includes a bit of interview from the TV broadcast. What TV broadcast? The concert was filmed for a local Philadelphia cable show called Prism. It aired, but Happy has never wanted copies to be passed around. I have no idea why.)



These are all audience recordings, so please give some leeway when judging the sound quality.

For QUEEN fans, 3 excellent and gorgeous versions of "Lily of the Valley" paired with Happy's song "Possessed." Happy performed this song pairing 4 times in 2 nights, but I missed getting one of the 4 (2nd night, 1st show).

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - May 9, 1996 1st show
Happy Rhodes live - Lily Of The Valley / Possessed

That version of Lily of the Valley is different from the others. It's quieter, slower, and perhaps the most beautiful of them all.

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - May 9, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes live - Lily Of The Valley / Possessed

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - May 10, 1996 2nd show (Here is a VIDEO of this performance)
Happy Rhodes live - Lily Of The Valley / Possessed

The sound of that last one isn’t as good, but something very funny happens at the beginning. It’s at the same time extremely endearing, and will blow you away with just how high Happy can reach with her amazing voice. And she still goes on to sing the song with heart and feeling.

See also the Left Hand Demos below for "Nevermore," her song about Freddie's passing.


Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - May 9, 1996 2nd show (VIDEO)
Happy Rhodes live - Here Comes The Flood

Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - May 10, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes live - Here Comes The Flood

Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - July 24, 1999 1st show (VIDEO)
Happy Rhodes live – Mercy Street (with Bon Lozaga)

Here's an officially-released version:
Project Lo - Mercy Street
This song is on the excellent Project Lo album Black Canvas

Happy also provided the Kate Bush vocals on Bob Holroyd's Games Without Frontiers
This is on Bob Holroyd's 2003 album Without Within.

For YES fans:

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - January 29, 2005 2nd show
Happy Rhodes Live - Soon (this was a tribute to Ed Sciaky)

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - October 12, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes Live - Soon (was an encore song, presented here on its own)

Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - October 12, 1996 1st show
Happy Rhodes Live - Soon/Possessed (this was also an encore song, after a long clapping session, and has pre and post-song banter, then they play Happy's song "Possessed.") VIDEO of "Soon" only.

Also see Happy's album The Keep, where Happy performs The Yes Medley


Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA - October 12, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes Live - Space Oddity (the color version VIDEO)

See also Happy's compilation RhodeSongs, where Happy performs Ashes To Ashes.

Happy also sings a short snippet of "Starman" in the song Feed The Fire (Acoustic Tribute Version) which is also on her compilation RhodeSongs. (VIDEO)

A VIDEO of a live performance of "Station To Station." (taken down because of too many nasty comments)

A very short (and dark and not great quality) VIDEO of Happy doing the high-to-low bit in "Fame."


The Bottom Line, New York, NY - August 10, 1996 1st show
Happy Rhodes live – Come Undone

The Bottom Line, New York, NY - August 10, 1996 2nd show
Happy Rhodes live – Come Undone

Here's yet another version, much better-sounding than the ones above. By far my favorite. Listen all the way to the end of the mp3 for some very funny post song banter.

Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - October 12, 1996 2nd show - the best version
Happy Rhodes live – Come Undone (nice VIDEO!)

For ANNIE LENNOX and/or LORD OF THE RINGS fans. Happy's a HUGE book and movies LOTR fan.

Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA - January 29, 2005 1st show
Happy Rhodes live – Into The West (Here's the VIDEO)

For KATE BUSH fans (please be kind to Happy's mistakes):

This kind of thing certainly would be characterized as “fan-only” because it’s an echoey audience recording from the balcony of a theater. However, it’s one of the very very few times she’s sung any Kate in public (maybe the first time), so thank goodness someone was there to capture the moment. A little setup. This is the 3rd of only 4 shows she did for the release of the album Many Worlds Are Born Tonight. Fans brought a bunch of colored glow sticks and opened them when she went off stage after the last song, before the encore. When she came out for the encore there were all these lights waving (the person recording was laughing in delight at the lights). Her “little light” was completely spontaneous, and I (in the front row) urged her on with a “MORE!” and she did! It’s painfully, painfully short, but I was in heaven.

Troy Music Hall – Troy, NY - October 12, 1998
Happy Rhodes live – In Hiding (with a surprise)

BUT WAIT! Several years later, Happy sings this in full for me at a house concert in Toledo, Ohio! "In heaven" is way too mild a term for how I felt.

Lynn Garrett's house concert - Toledo, Ohio - November 9, 2003
Happy Rhodes live - And Dream of Sheep (the VIDEO)

And a few days later she sang it again. I had brought tiny glow sticks to pass out and after she did her "last" song everyone popped theirs and held them up. Happy asked what they were and I said they were "little lights shining." She didn't, in fact, kick me.

Chip & Jo's house concert - Kenosha, Wisconson - November 11, 2003
Happy Rhodes live - And Dream of Sheep (the VIDEO)

For BEE GEES fans:

Unfortunately I had to take this down because someone put this on autorepeat instead of just downloading it. A few times is more than fine, but this was being played hundreds of times a month. I'll be more than happy to share this with Bee Gees fans, but you're going to have to write me to get a copy (make note of the address because you'll have to manipulate it before it'll work). If you just want to hear(see) it, here is the VIDEO.

meth&woj's House O'Muzak house concert - New Haven, CT - April 6, 2003
Happy Rhodes live – Immortality (this is very echoey, definitely fan-only, but I include it because it really is a beautiful song. If she hadn't said, I never in a million years would have guessed it was a Bee Gees song. I guess that says more about how much I don't know about the Bee Gees than the group or the song. It was a pleasure to hear. The very end cuts off so I faded out.

For CROWDED HOUSE fans, Happy has a wonderful cover of "Don't Dream It's Over" on the Left Hand Demos but she wanted me to take it down because of legal fears. If you'd like to hear it, write me (note the address, you have to do something to make it work) and I'll be happy to send it to you.



In 2001, Happy badly cut her fret hand before an EctoFest concert in the San Francisco area. She later had to have surgery and we were all biting our fingernails about whether or not she’d be able to play guitar again. Happy is, let’s face it, an obscure, unknown artist with a teeny tiny little following. She has a day job and no heath insurance. When word got around that maybe Happy could use some help (it did NOT come from her either), people on the mailing list Ecto pitched in and sent her donations to help pay the medical bills. Happy is loath to take charity (unless it came from Bill Gates, are you reading cherie?), so as a thanks, she put together 7 unreleased (never to be released) songs and called the compilation the “Left Hand Demos.” A fan from Ecto burned CDs and sent them out to anyone who wanted one. No donation was necessary, but encouraged (by fellow Ectophiles, not Happy). The project has long since been abandoned, so no more CDs are being or ever will be made. Ever. At all.

I offer these songs to anyone who perhaps didn’t get in on the project (and some people then did fall through the cracks or didn't hear about it until it was over).

Here's Happy's account of the accident from her journal. A very interesting read.

(Start guilt trip)

If you download them, please give some thought to hopping over to Happy’s web site and buying one or a couple or a few of her CDs. The money goes directly to Happy, and will help her with expenses toward her 11th album, now being recorded in bits and pieces as she gets money to finish tracks. Just in case I need to say this, I’m not doing this at the behest of Happy. She has no idea. I’m just a greedy (for the music) fan who wishes I were a billionaire so I could buy her a freaking studio already so I can get music quicker. It’s been 8 years since her last album, but unlike some people we know and love, taking long breaks between albums is not by choice.

To those new to Happy, please keep in mind that she never intended these to be “officially” released on anything, anywhere. Personally, I think they’re all great, but nits could be picked.

(/End guilt trip)

LYRICS can be found HERE or HERE

Here are the “liner notes” as they appeared in the wonderful homemade booklet. All text written by Happy is in bold. Everything else is written by Phil Hudson, except for a couple of corrections, written by me. Those will be in italics and have my initials (VM) beside them:

This CD is an “un-mastered” CD, burned on a home computer system. The original source material was taken from DATs and very old cassettes. The sound quality will not be optimal, yet not the worst you’ve ever heard. It’s a glimpse of music that should be revealing as demos. I hope you find them interesting or at least amusing. If you‘d like to read the lyrics, you can find them on the website www.auntiesocialmusic.com

Much thanks

Happy Rhodes

If you’d like to send a donation in return for the music, here’s the address (please make donations in Happy’s name):

Address deleted because it's no longer applicable (VM)

You are welcome to the music regardless. If you want to help but cannot afford to help monetarily, pass something of Happy’s on to someone else who might like it (...). Spread the word. Any support is welcome and appreciated.


Comments after the songs are by Happy herself. (VM)

“Nevermore” copyright 1996 by Happy Rhodes

This is about the passing of Freddie Murcury. I’m sure there are many songs on this topic. I know of at least one and it’s much better than mine. I never considered this one for release.

--- DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER (live) (Crowded House cover)
“Don’t Dream It’s Over” copyright 1986 by N. Finn

A 1997 live recording from the Tinker Street Café in Woodstock, NY (that café has since closed down).
Credits: Kevin Bartlett on Guitar/loops, Happy Rhodes on Lead Vocals/guitar, Kelly Bird on Backing Vocals, Carl Adami on Bass

Note: Happy was wrong. The show was in 1996. I took this down at Happy's request. It's a wonderful version, but I understand her legal misgivings. If you want to hear it, write me at the address at the bottom of the page and I'll send it to you. (VM)

“Virus” copyright 2000 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

This is my “artist GOOD – music label BAD” song. I hope to never have another. Thanks to some very sound advice, this one is NOT a consideration for future release.

“Miss You” copyright 1987 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

Now You know why they call these “demos.” Glad I never released this one, but it had a specific purpose in the moment.

“Now You Know Me” copyright 2001 by Happy Rhodes / Auntie Social Music

I seriously tried to re-work this one for the upcoming release (this is the first draft). However, it just didn’t work.

--- FLASH ME UP (live)
“Flash Me Up” copyright 1994 by H. Rhodes

Another live version from the same night at the Tinker Street Café in 1997.

Sorry Happy. It was 1996. July 7, 1996 to be precise. (VM)

“Rest in Pieces” copyright 1986 by H. Rhodes

Unfortunately, the sentiment was stronger than the composition. I was shooting for something, but never got there.

Selections and CD “un-mastering” by Happy Rhodes
Performances Copyright H. Rhodes / Auntie Social Music
Cover Design by J’te and Dudley, F&B cover photos by J’te.
HR live photo by Charles Gray
Wheatfields photo copyright Steven Alexander / Karen Graham
CD producton and distribution by Crew Ecto: Jeff Wasilko, Phil Hudson.



When Happy released her 1st 4 albums on CD, until then only available on handmade cassettes, she reworked a couple of songs. “Dreams Are” only got snipped a little bit, but I include it here anyway as one of those fannish “completist” things. “The Chase” on the other hand, was drastically chopped, from 8:12 to 4:22! Prior to the chop job, it was dreamy, repetitive, hypnotic and languid, in the tradition of “To Be E. Mortal” and “Dreams Are” – here is the original.

Happy Rhodes - Dreams Are (slightly longer cassette version)

Happy Rhodes - The Chase (MUCH longer cassette version)



Kevin Bartlett, owner of Aural Gratification, the label that released Happy’s first 9 albums, is a brilliant and prolific musician himself (he started AG as an outlet to release his own work). Why he isn’t famous is beyond me. Happy added vocals to 2 tracks of his. These are ripped from old and well-played cassettes because they’ve never been released on CD. I tried to do a bit of noise reduction on them, and they sounded more "muted" and thinner. I decided to leave them alone.

Kevin Bartlett (with Happy Rhodes vocals on c) - Incantations a-Tribal Stomp II b-Random Chants Dance c-The Earth Cools (1985)

Kevin Bartlett (with Happy Rhodes vocals) - Pretty Dreamy Stuff (1987)



These are in reverse chronological order. If you have an interview not listed here, I don't have it. Pleaaaaaase give me a copy! I only have transcripts for a few of these. Yeah I know, superfan here, and no transcripts? Gasp. I hate transcribing interviews. They're all well-worth transcribing because Happy says some amazing things, but oh my god is it tedious work. Any volunteers?

2007 - Delicious Agony - Online Radio Station

Delicious Agony web site

TRANSCRIPT of 2007 Delicious Agony interview

2007 Happy Rhodes Delicious Agony interview Part 1 (30:03 - with Joe Mallon)

2007 Happy Rhodes Delicious Agony interview Part 2 (27:29 - with Joe Mallon)

2007 Happy Rhodes Delicious Agony interview Part 3 (33:53 - with Joe Mallon)

2007 Happy Rhodes Delicious Agony interview Part 4 (28:57 - with Joe Mallon)

For those of you with T1 lines or lots of time on your hands, here's the full interview in one big chunk. (123,034 kb, 120:27)

For those who just want to hear the interview, without the music, here you go (51:57)

1998 - Echoes - Syndicated

TRANSCRIPT of 1998 Echoes interview

1998 Echoes interview (9:58 - with Kimberly Haas)

1996 - WDST - Woodstock, NY - July 6, 1996

1996 WDST interview (full version with songs (19:29 - with ?)

The above is not a full interview in that only a couple of questions were asked. However, Happy performed 3 songs live in the studio.

The 3 songs, by themselves:

When The Rain Came Down (5:51)
Take Me With You (4:16)
Collective Heart (4:28)

1994 - WCR 106.2 - England

An amazing multi-part interview, with album music. Since it's so long, I've separated it into several parts.

1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 1 (31:30 - with Phil James)
1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 2 (29:13 - with Phil James)
1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 3 (32:02 - with Phil James)
1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 4 (36:59 - with Phil James)
1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 5 (31:39 - with Phil James)
1994 WCR 106.2 interview (England) Part 6 (32:09 - with Phil James)

1994 - WMMR - Philadelphia, PA - August 29,1994

1994 WMMR Interview (13:53 - with Helen Leicht)

1993 - WESU - New Haven, CT - May 9, 1993

One of the best interviews ever! This was conducted with Ectophile Meredith Tarr for her radio show Champaign Jam.

TRANSCRIPT of 1993 WESU interview

High-quality, 256kbps:
1993 WESU interview (29:59 - with Meredith Tarr, interview only, no music)

1992 - WRPI - Troy, NY - August 16, 1992

1992 WRPI interview (29:59 - with Roni Ginsberg)

1992 - WXPN - Philadelphia, PA - June 13, 1992

This was the day the "1st4" cassettes were re-released on CD.

1992 WXPN interview (21:08 - with Helen Leicht)

1992 - Echoes - Syndicated - July 2, 1992

1992 Echoes interview (10:11 - with Kimberly Haas)

1991 - World Cafe - Syndicated - November 12, 1991 (taped on October 12,1991)

TRANSCRIPT of World Cafe interview

Happy performed 3 songs in very different incarnations from the album versions in this first interview. Here is 1) the full interview with the songs, 2) the interview without the songs, and 3) the three songs as separate pieces. The separate songs were taken from a cassette dub gotten directly from Happy, so there are sound effects that aren't in the interview versions.

1991 World Cafe Interview (full version with songs) (21:25 - with David Dye)

1991 World Cafe Interview (same interview, but without songs) (7:14 - with David Dye)

The 3 songs, by themselves:
Feed The Fire (5:02)
Words Weren't Made For Cowards (5:14)
Given In (4:30)

1989 - Suspended In Gaffa - KKFI Kansas City - January 1, 1989

This interview is the earliest I have. This was done when Happy was still part of the musical duo Bartlett/Rhodes.

1989 - Suspended In Gaffa - KKFI Kansas City - January 1, 1989 (17:49 - with Vickie M)

That's it, that's all I have. I know there are several more. Please, oh please, oh please. For posterity, you know?



Happy has worked with several other artists. Here are some of them where Happy provides either lead or backing vocals...

Bon Lozaga and Project Lo:

Project Lo - Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel cover)
Project Lo - Perfection
Both of these songs are on the excellent Project Lo album Black Canvas

Jeff Oster:

Behind The Veil
As I Live And Breathe
These songs are on Jeff Oster's album, called RELEASED. "Haleakala" is now available on his EP At Last which features another song Happy sings on, "Matt's Mood."

Bob Holroyd:

Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel cover)
This is on Bob Holroyd's 2003 album Without Within.

William Ackerman:

Before We Left All This Behind
This is on William Ackerman's 2001 album Hearing Voices


Stars To Share (backing atmospheric vocals)
This is on Samite's 1999 album Stars To Share



Between Ecto and Warpaint, Happy and Kevin Bartlett teamed up as Bartlett/Rhodes. They never released anything publically at the time, but did have this 4-song demo cassette floating around. At some point I will have better-sounding copies made. This is what I have for now though. A good-sounding version of another Bartlett/Rhodes song, "Be Careful What You Say" (written by Happy Rhodes) was put on the CD version of Rearmament as a bonus track.

Bartlett/Rhodes - Common Ground (1988 cassette demo, written by Bartlett/Rhodes)
Bartlett/Rhodes - Love's Sabotage (1988 cassette demo, written by Bartlett/Rhodes)
Bartlett/Rhodes - Point And Pull (1988 cassette demo, written by Bartlett/Rhodes)
Bartlett/Rhodes - In Between The Lines (1988 cassette demo, written by Happy Rhodes)



Remixes of Happy's work:

"Roy" vinyl
In 1998 Samson Records released a 12" vinyl containing 4 re-mixes of Roy by Dave Aude. I don't much like them, because I think they sound a bit cheesy, but there are bits that isolate previously unheard or undefined vocal tracks (it's how I first clearly heard "I let go of precious photos, they are not the real past, gotta make my own. I'm afraid to lose my eyes, I'm afraid to lose my home"), so they're interesting in the realm of learning more about Happy's work. My favorite remix is still Happy's own remix for "Roy" (mentioned earlier)

I've forgotten where this dub came from:

This is from a German fan, JeeJae:

These are from a fan named Eric:


Other people covering Happy

No one has ever officially recorded a Happy Rhodes cover. These are two live versions

Charlotte Martin covered Happy's "100 Years" three times that I know about. Once in Chicago and once in Philadelphia at the World Cafe in 2005, and, I believe, once in Florida, though I don't know when. This was an intro to the amazing song "Steel" but the battery ran out on our recorder and we couldn't get the whole thing.

Charlotte Martin - 100 Years (October 26, 2005 - Schubas in Chicago, IL)

Matthew Guarnere's version of "I'm Going Back," performed live at a Halloween party:

Matthew Guarnere - I'm Going Back


If you have any questions, I may or may not be able to answer them, but I'll try. You can write me at xenussister@TAKETHISOUTTOMAILyahoo.com (note: you'll have to manipulate the address before sending it, or it'll bounce back to you. Look at it closely).

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